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our growth since 1866

Our story started in 1866 in Sassenheim, the Netherlands.

Namesake Adriaan Frijlink founded his nursery this year.
From 1928, the work was focused on the domestic forcing and also exports to Germany.
After the Second World War, as a true pioneer, Adriaan's successor started selling packed flower bulbs.

A proud moment: real fame was achieved by being first to be appointed 'First preferred supplier' of Keukenhof Gardens in 1949.
Now, more than 75 years later, our blooming bulbs can still be admired and purchased every year in one of the most beautiful and well visited spring gardens in the world.

To facilitate growth of the company we moved to Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands in 1978. A new property was built here. In 1989 was decided to stop the activities around the nursery and the entire focus was on the export of packed flower bulbs, mainly aimed at North America. This step also resulted in significant growth. The building had to be expanded. In 2000, growth of the building was once again necessary.

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After being in the hands of the Frijlink family for four generations, leadership was taken over in 1990 by the current management, which continues to bear the name of the founder respectfully.

At A. Frijlink & Zonen export B.V. our goal is to achieve long-term, successful relationships with our clients. We are unique in being very flexible. Offering custom-made programs to the customer are key to our service. Each type of customer has its own different needs and we aim to grow with our clients. Not only in profitability, but also in quality, efficiency and creativity.

We sell most of the products under our well-known brandname Royal Park. But, upon request, private labels are also possible.

royal park

We proudly use our brand name Royal Park to distribute our flower bulbs and perennials around the world.

Royal Park is our emblem of trust, sustainability and commitment to nature. Every flower bulb and perennial carries our promise of quality and passion. By linking our name to beautiful flora, we guarantee that every garden, balcony or green space is enriched with the best flowers and plants available.

We believe that the power of our brand lies in the stories it tells and the emotions it evokes. With our flower bulbs and perennials we want to create stories of blooming gardens, colorful landscapes and lasting memories.

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strive to thrive

At A. Frijlink & Zonen export B.V. we are proud of our company and we strive to maintain this feeling, now and in the future. Our business operations are constantly evolving and we leave room for developments. All this to continue to guarantee our good quality.

We set high standards for the quality of our products. Of course this means more than just a beautifully blooming flower.
The origin of our products is important to us. That is why we work with growers who have made their mark and strive for a market in which only certified flower bulbs and plants circulate. This means that all products can be said with certainty that they have been grown with respect for people, society and the environment.

To contribute to this, we have several certificates and quality marks and we are part of several associations to stay informed of developments within our field.

OUR WEBSHOP IS OPEN!.png__PID:d17a7b07-225f-47a5-9cf7-d398513271ea

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Suske & Wiske

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Jaap Schaap

My garden is looking the best it has ever looked, I owe it all to Jardin. We enjoy coming home from work and sitting in our garden.

Miles Brown

This is a great product for the price. It is made from very high quality materials and easy to assemble. A very cool gift for friends.

Alexa Lightwood

I live in a townhouse, so I can't have a garden. But thanks to your company, I've got some awesome green in my life.

Maple Bane

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Our webshop is OPEN!