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Create your own Keukenhof garden

Create a garden in the spirit of Keukenhof

1 M2 = 6.5 weeks of flowers

Unfortunately you can't take Keukenhof home with you. But you can create a garden in the spirit of Keukenhof. Our garden designer has created a special design for you so that you can plant your own Keukenhof in just 1 m2 of ground. To ensure the best results, he has taken into consideration colour, flower shape and flowering season.

Do you want to create your own Keukenhof, have a look at our 6,5 weeks of flowers collection.

Lasagne planting

The longest possible flowering season in the smallest possible space? No problem! To achieve this Keukenhof uses lasagna (or layered) planting. The various types of bulbs are planted in several layers. In the bottom layer are the late-flowering varieties, in the middle layer the April-flowering bulbs, and finally, in the top layer, are the early-flowering bulbs. Planting your bulbs in three layers, will keep your 1 m2 Keukenhof in bloom for 6,5 weeks.

Planting bulbs

Plant your bulbs from the end of September. If you are using the lasagne method, the first bulbs you should plant are: Tulipa ‘Claudia’ and ‘Queen of Night’ (planting depth 20 cm). Cover these with a layer of soil and plant the next layer: Hyacinthus ‘Blue Pearl’ and Tulipa ‘Heart’s Delight’ (planting depth 10 cm). Cover this layer, and for the last layer plant Crocus ‘Jeanne d’Arc’, Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ and Chionodioxa forbesii (planting depth 5 cm). Cover this layer with soil also. As a guide, the distance between the bulbs should be equal to at least the width of the bulb. Cover your personal Keukenhof with a thin layer of garden soil. All of these bulbs are generally available and can also be purchased from the 3 bulb selling points in the park.

No garden? No problem!

Even if you don't have a garden, you can still enjoy spring flowering bulbs. Flowering bulbs are also very suitable for planting in pots and containers. If the pot is at least 20 cm deep, you can even use the lasagne planting method. The biggest danger to bulbs in pots and containers is frost. Because the pots or containers are above the ground, it is easy for frost to penetrate. Flowering bulbs are sensitive to frost damage, so if frost is forecast, you should place the pots or containers in a cool, frost-free place. When the frost is over you can put the pots or containers back outside.

Do you want to create your own Keukenhof?

Then have a look at our 6,5 weeks of flowers collection.

OUR WEBSHOP IS OPEN!.png__PID:d17a7b07-225f-47a5-9cf7-d398513271ea

Our webshop is OPEN!